Cattle Chute Texas, for the 12′ STATIONARY CATTLE LOADING CHUTE

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Arrowquip’s stationary cattle loading chute makes getting cattle on or off of a truck easy. An essential component of any cattle handling system, our product is designed to work seamlessly with the complete Arrowquip lineup of alleys, crowding tubs and other equipment. Our product is the only stationary loading chute to offer a 12’-long ramp that is fully height adjustable between 12” and 51” for connecting with a semi truck or cattle trailer. Fully sheeted sides made from durable 14-gauge steel, to reduce stress and the risk of injury. A 6” vision slide in the side of the ramp, allowing your crew to assist with the loading process as necessary. A ribbed and checkered floor plate that provides exceptional traction. Heavy-duty construction backed by our premium warranty coverage and an optional vet cage to make inspections, insemination and other tasks safe and straightforward, and to allow crew members to quickly pass through to the other side.