Cattle Chute Texas, Arrowquip COWPOWER 1050 CATTLE SQUEEZE CHUTE

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Arrowquip’s CP-1050 cattle squeeze chute is versatile chute designed to help the cattle producer increase their productivity and throughout. This cute is ideal for the rancher that is working all sizes of cattle from small calves up to large herd bulls. The headgate, tailgate and squeeze are all hydraulic operation as standard. The chute controls are mounted on the pivoting swing arm. The CP-1050 comes with great needle access, full side exits, swing out access gates and good size palpation cage. You also have the choice of three head control options on this chute -QC-NE Neck extender, HYD-HD-SWP Hydraulic headsweep and QC900 Headholder. This chute is an upgrade option for the portable handling system.