Cattle Chute Texas, for the COM CATCH 6100 CATTLE SQUEEZE CHUTE

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The Arrowquip Com Catch 6100 manual cattle squeeze chute is built to the same quality standards as Arrowquip’s Q-Catch8500V cattle squeeze chute. A smaller size and less features make this cattle chute the perfect affordable solution for the smaller cattle producer. Our design team has invested more than six hundred hours to come up with an innovative squeeze chute at a lower price without compromising quality. It includes twelve inches of neck access, full access to the brisket and front feet, a swing out bottom door and swing out top access doors. All Access doors on the squeeze chute have rubber contact points for noise reduction. Large nylon rollers on top of the rolling door keep all parts moving out of dirt snow or ice. A sheeted rolling door at the back features extreme ribbing to give lots of strength. Removeable full side access gates are convenient option for branding, banding and castration. A removable sternum bar will stop your cattle from going down. The Com Catch head gate uses one handle to accommodate different sized animals from small calves up to large bulls. This is so easy to use that a single person can easily operate the chute on their own.